Vito Fusco Photography Positano Amalfi Coast


I approached the world of dance in 2009, on the occasion of the event “Voglio essere libero” directed by Daniele Cipriani and dedicated to the great Russian dancer Rudolf Nureyev. I attended just to do what I love most: taking pictures.

A few days later I decided to send some shots to the organizer Cipriani, who was impressed by the work done.

It was maybe this the decisive step that I “thrown” into the world of the most addictive of the arts.
The following year, in fact, I have been approached to participate in the prestigious event “Positano Premia la Danza” as the official photographer and on the same occasion, I got a publication on the renowned Spanish newspaper “El Pais”.

In the following years I continued to work for the event “Positano Premia la Danza”, getting other publications on important magazines including “Ballet in 2000”.

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