Vito Fusco Photography Positano Amalfi Coast


Peru (in the Quechua language: Earth Mother) is an exceptional territory.

It’s almost a poem to interpret, those sealed rather than direct understanding, those to be studied and dig within words, within what is the outer shell.

This fascinating corner of the world is also the third largest country in South America, as well as one of the twenty most extensive countries of the planet.

The entire country is imbued with a rich history and tradition (the Norte Chico civilization is one of the oldest in the world) that not even the arrival of the Spaniards managed to eradicate…

… Intense, that’s the word that would describe this scenic part of the world. A place that goes far beyond the purely tourist destination.

In fact, Peru is the humility safe that is dying, the fiery sunsets drowning behind the horizon, the dirty hands of land and passion, the awe and pure hearts of children wrapped in the warm cuddle back of mom, are worlds colliding in the same space. The colors of the houses and the people who will depict the life and leave you a little piece of himself… (from the introduction of the book on Peru written by Saveria Fiore)

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