Partecipation in the Film Italy in a Day

I guess you have heard about the RAI and Gabriele Salvadores Project called “ITALY IN A DAY”: the first Social Movie in history, that is a film made from video shot by users, produced by RaiCinema, Indiana and Scott Free.

The executive producer is Ridley Scott who has had the films selected by director Kevin Macdonald, already Oscar winner for best documentary in 2000, while the editing is entrusted to Joe Walker.

With pleasure I announce that a Timelapse made in Positano has been selected to become part of the film! All that remains is to wait for the 71st Venice International Film Festival, where the film will be presented out of competition.

Meanwhile, here is the official trailer, take a look at how the Italians’ day begins!

Italy in a Day is an exciting experiment in collective cinema: on Saturday 26 October 2013 the Italians took a camera, a mobile phone and freely filmed their lives. Gabriele Salvatores will make a selection of the films received and will edit them in a single large film: the photograph of Italy made from the eyes of Italians.

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