FIIPA, Bronze Winner in the People & Street Photography Category

The shot taken during the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island is ranked among or winners of the bronze award of FIIPA, in the section People & Street Photography: culture, Lifestyle, Daily Life.

The category rewards real subjects and situations, caught in their spontaneity, which represent an unplanned decisive moment; in other words: making the ordinary extraordinary! A concept that goes well with this colorful shot stolen during the parade!

Upon arrival at Coney Island, reality appears to be diverted to a modern “Neverland” where colors, music and celebrations are the background to the rest of the Luna Park which is obviously packed with people. You turn around and see little feet dangling from the rotating carousel, raised hands and shouts of fun come from the roller coaster. All while old colorful Cadillacs, motorcycles, bicycles and people on foot move at a walking pace from east to west on Surf Avenue.

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