Palazzo Ducale Exhibition “Stonewall: the Temple” – Genova

Exhibition Curator: Gloria Viale.

On Saturday 26 May the “Queeriodicals” exhibition organized by the Arcigay of Genoa was inaugurated in the Liguria Hall of the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa, on display until 2 June.

With the project “Stonewall: the Temple”, it will be shown what it is today at the Stonewall Inn, the historic bar where the gay revolution that gave birth to Gay Pride started in 1969; while the private editorial collection of Luca Locati Luciani will show a collection of magazines, publications and photos of the “single vision” of the LGBT world from 1870 to today.

The exhibition will be presented by the LGBT politician and activist Saverio Aversa, by the collector Luca Locati Luciani and by the scholar Michela Ravasi, introduced by the journalist Laura Guglielmi. 

The exhibition is a tribute to the work of activist-pioneers who defied the law to publish mimeographs and encourage the first debate within the gay, lesbian and trans minority. A testimony of how, despite the repression, the LGBT community has always found spaces for expression.

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