“The Killing Daisy” wins the Sony Awards, Documentary Projects

With great pleasure I announce the victory of the Sony World Photography Awards in the Documentary Project section, with “The Killing Daisy”.

The winners were announced on April 15, and chosen by the jury composed of: Mike Trow, Azu Nwagbogu, Hannah Watson, Lindsay Taylor, Natasha Egan, Kim Sunyoung.

The project started on the basis of some research done here in Italy before departure: I had already decided to travel to Africa, Kenya, discovering the existence of this plant: the pyrethrum, known as the killer daisy. I searched for information, rankings and production data on this natural insecticide, but I never imagined where it was hidden and how I would document the TRUE story.

A story made up of faces, stories, work, hopes and a great desire for rebirth.

When I left Kenya, I promised each of them that I would try to make their story known as much as possible, and I thank the Sony World Photography Awards for giving me the opportunity to keep this promise.

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