Orvieto Fotografia: Speech and Exhibition for “Storiae, stories in images”

“The Killing Daisy” is one of the meetings of this edition of Orvieto Fotografia “Storiae, stories in images”.

Nothing more appropriate for my work in Kenya, on pyrethrum, a plant known as the killer daisy. Before leaving, I looked for information, rankings and production data on this natural insecticide, but I never imagined where it was hidden and how I would document the real STORY that I then found myself telling. A story made up of faces, stories, work, hopes and a great desire for rebirth.

During the event I had the honor and the pleasure of being photographers like Francesco Cito and Letizia Battaglia.

“Story means TELLING, keeping MEMORY, retracing PAST ROADS and continuing to write NEW ones”: this is the manifesto and the concept behind this edition of Orvieto Fotografia.


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