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June 20, 1980, I live in Positano.

I approached photography because of my partner, who was interested in visual and plastic arts.

It was simply a game, but very pleasant and congenial. I became attached to the vehicle and fell in love with the idea of being able to express, to be able to express myself, to be able to leave a message.

The key moment is the meeting with one of the Norwegian masters of photography: Morten Krogvold and his life partner Tarand. They were longtime customers of the restaurant where I worked. For two weeks Morten played the role of “Pablo Neruda” in the film with Massimo Troisi: “Il Postino”.

Two weeks in which he took me by the hand and enchanted me with his lessons on color and shape, talking about Kandisky, light and composition.
Shortly thereafter, I gave up my job at the restaurant and launched myself fully into training following seminars and workshops to devote myself to “writing with light”.

After a few years I created Arkimedia Lab with Antonio Casola (Web Designer), an agency that deals with visual communication.

In January ’09, I obtained a publication on the Italian National Geographic, then on El Pais until I won the competition organized by Nikon in 2010. I obtained the Advanced Color Correction Class diploma by Dan Margulis and then the Master in Photography of the IED of Milan curated by Silvia Lelli.



  • Exhibition San Giorgio A Cremano “Stonewall: The Temple”Biblioteca Comunale
  • Collective Project CoviDiaries by ParalleloZero, www.covidiaries.it
  • Tearsheets Arcipelago19, www.arcipelago19.it


  • Exhibition Sorrento “Stonewall: The Temple”, Museo Correale
  • Temporary Exhibition  “La Villa Romana di Positano”, Pinacoteca Comunale
  • Exhibition Palermo “Stonewall: The Temple”, Palazzo S. Elia
  • Pubblication “Stonewall: The Temple”, Elle Italia
  • Exhibition Napoli “Stonewall: The Temple”, Casina Pompeiana patronage by American Consulate
  • Witness Journal, pubblication of the reportage “Gente di Mare”


  • Professional Qualified QIP ( Qualified Italian Photographer)
  • “Is there anybody out there?!”, realized in Myanmar, exhibition with R-evolution Tour by FIOF (Lanciano, Minturno, Barletta, San Benedetto del Tronto, Matera, Arezzo e Vibo Valentia)
  • Exhibition Genova “Stonewall: The Temple”Palazzo Ducale


  • Presentation of the Photo Book “Stonewall: The Temple”, with the presence of Amnesty International and FIOF, Sala Consiliare Salvatore Attanasio del Comune di Positano
  • Lumina Exhibition in Cina at Lishui like an Italian Photography Ambassador
  • Mention “Stonewall: the Temple” LensCulture with Cortona On The Move 
  • Onor Mention  at IPA International Photo Award for Stonewall the temple, “People”, “Lifestyle e Culture” category
  • Visura Spotlight, mention by Sherri Littlefield, Director of Foley Gallery New York
  • Bronze at FIIPA Award  “Street Photography” Category
  • Exhibition at Orvieto Fotografia “Stonewall: The Temple”
  • Best Design and Best Service Houzz Award
  • Cover of Ballet2000 Genuary
  • Director Assistant at “Title Sequence” for Sens8 by Lana e Lilly Wachowski produced Netflix, Napoli


  • Workshop with Davide Monteleone, New York
  • Pubblication on the Magazine “Fotografare”
  • Official Photographer of “Positano Premia La Danza Léonide Massine”
  • Pubblication on the Magazine “Il Fotografo”
  • Director Assistant at “Title Sequence” for Sens8 by Lana and Lilly Wachowski produced by Netflix, Costiera Amalfitana


  • Photography Master at Ied di Milano
  • Exhibition at Milano EXPO with the work “Manodopera”
  • Relator at Nikon Live, Napoli
  • Official Photographer of “Positano Premia La Danza Léonide Massine”


  • Report at Tg News with the timelapse: “Suddenly Positano”
  • Partecipation at the docu-film “Italy in a Day” by Gabriele Salvadores
  • Mention on the Book “Oasis Photo Contest”
  • Workshop with Pino Musi
  • Official Photographer of “Positano Premia La Danza Léonide Massine”


  • Collaborator of Google with the new programm Virtual Tour for business
  • Winner of the competition “Appunti di Viaggio”, Torino
  • Official Photographer of “Positano Premia La Danza Léonide Massine”


  • Pubblication on www.italialiving.com
  • Art exhibition Schwantastisch Festival, Thurnau
  • Official Photographer of “Positano Premia La Danza Léonide Massine”
  • Cover di “Ballet 2000”


  • Art exhibition: “Linea Punto e… a capo”, Positano
  • Art exhibition: “st-ART”, Piano di Sorrento
  • Pubblication of “Portfolio”, collection of 5 photo
  • Official Photographer of “Positano Premia La Danza Léonide Massine”


  • 3rd Competition Prize “Il volto dell’Anima”, Sorrento
  • 1st Competition Prize “Mani d’artigiano”, Sant’Agnello
  • Pubblication on “El Pais”
  • National exhibition at Cargo20 Verona for the National fair of Modern Art Gallerists
  • Prize Nikon Photo Contest
  • Official Photographer of “Positano Premia La Danza Léonide Massine”


  • Pubblication on National Geographic
  • Official Photographer “Positano Premia La Danza Léonide Massine”