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The Killer Daisy Sony Awards finalist 2021

“The Killer Daisy”, the pyrethrum project made in Kenya, was selected among the three finalists in the Documentary category of the Sony World Photography Awards. I am really happy with this milestone, and to be partially successful in the promise to make known as much as possible the history and the hidden faces behind this […]

The Independent Photographer: Editors’ Picks, Visual Storytelling Award

The Independent Photographer includes a shot of the project “The Killer Daisy”, made in Kenya, among the nominations in the Visual Storytelling Award category. The image selected by Nichole Sobecki, an American photographer member of the VII Photo Agency, is the portrait of Grace Wanjiru, the oldest pyrethrum grower in Eburru. The Independent Photographer aims […]

“Stonewall: the Temple” Exhibition – San Giorgio a Cremano – Municipal Library

The “Stonewall: The Temple” exhibition, set up at the Municipal Library of San Giorgio a Cremano from 24 July to 20 August, closes an important initiative by the Antinoo Arcigay Association of Naples against Homotransphobia. The event was attended by: the Mayor Giorgio Zinno, the councilor Renato Carcatella and the President of Antinoo Arcigay of […]

Tearsheets Arcipelago19

Arcipelago-19 is a collective project of professional photographers, born with the aim of giving a new vision of the historical moment we are experiencing in Italy. “The Holy Spirit is creative”, my island, tells of the Missionary Sisters Servants of the Divine Spirit of Positano, who with the support of technology have reinvented themselves to […]

CoviDiaries by Parallelo Zero

CoviDiares is a ParalleloZero project that wanted to show a different face of our country, creating a real visual diary of the Pandemic. My pages show a different, silent Positano, in which the incessant swarming of those who have never stopped and those who have reinvented their way of being there for the community are […]

“Stonewall: the Temple” Exhibition – Sorrento – Museo Correale

Inaugurated on 12 September with the special godfather Alessandro Cecchi Paone, the “Stonewall the temple” exhibition will remain on display until 20 September at the Museo Correale di Terranova in Sorrento. In conjunction with the fifty years since the Stonewall riots, Sorrento Pride has organized a series of events to evoke and remember the hard […]

“Stonewall: the Temple” Exhibition – Palermo – Palazzo Sant’Elia

The exhibition “Stonewall: the Temple” reaches Palermo, from Friday 5 to Saturday 20 July at Palazzo Sant’Elia. The opening, in Friday 5, took place in the presence of Shawn Baxter, Head of the Press and Culture Section, Public Affairs Section of the United States Consulate General in Naples, Adham Darawsha, Councilor for Culture of the […]

“Stonewall: the Temple” on Elle Italia

Fifty years after the first homosexual liberation movements, Elle Italia dedicates four pages to the battle of the LGBT world. The portraits and images of “Stonewall: The Temple” accompany the story of this struggle, from the first riots in 1969 at the Stonewall Inn to the present day.

“Stonewall: The Temple” Exhibition – Napoli – Casina Pompeiana

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, the photographic exhibition “Stonewall: The Temple” made a stop at the Casina Pompeiana in Naples. The event, born from the synergy between the Arcigay Antinoo Committee of Naples and the United States Consulate General of Naples, had as guests and gave me the pleasure […]

Witness Journal publication: “Gente di Mare”

“Gente di Mare” enters the publication of Witness Journal, the first online photojournalism monthly in Italy born in 2007. The magazine collects over 1,000 reportages, whose common thread is the goal of promoting the dissemination of culture and information of both a local and global nature. A goal very close to my reportage on Cetara […]