The Holy Spirit is creative, Covid Story – Positano South Italy

The Holy Spirit is creative

Ana Milena Guazaquillo, Nancy Briones, Liliana Llano, Hilda Gonzàlez: Missionary Sisters Servants of the Divine Spirit.
Every afternoon at 5.00 pm they bring spiritual comfort to the town of Positano, famous all over the world for its verticality, reciting the rosary from a roof on top of the town, spreading the prayers through megaphones.
The global epidemic of COVID-19 has completely overwhelmed the main holidays of the three Abrahamic religions. And even now that there has been a relaxation of the prohibitions on leaving the house, the government has not given the pass for liturgical celebrations in the presence of the faithful until May 18.

But spiritual support, in this situation, cannot be missing, and every religious order that knows its own community has put in place alternative solutions to reach and encourage its flock.
–The Holy Spirit is creative, one of the sisters explains to me, and they who have the Holy Spirit as their protector know it very well.Their mission has among its main purposes the pastoral care of the family and the sick, the Catholic Charismatic renewal and the Pontifical Mission Societies.

With the support of technology, they managed to reach the faithful even during the lock down. The creative solutions of the Holy Spirit were direct facebook to involve them in the mass, or support video calls for lonely people and the sick.

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