Street Dancers – Milano

Street Dancers

Milan, Porta Garibaldi station. Still missing so much for the night Intercity train to Naples.
The hours of waiting have already been so many since I saw leave the last companion of this adventure Milanese. A dinner at the Feltrinelli in the center of the new square Gae Aulenti leafing Genesis of Salgado. At the exit, a group of boys in light Asian features,
but who speak with an accent Milanese, attract my attention. They dance. Jump. They fly. The stage is the street. Viewers, however, do not exist, because people go and watch if she does it with disinterest. Not me. A slow “courtship” to assure a confirmation nod that I can take some pictures. A beginning inhibited and awkward for all of us, but then turns everyone wants to perform. For an interested spectator. Lying on the ground ask him to fly. To fly over me. They do it and I…me, I flew with them.

The project Street Dancers has been published in n. 287 of November of “Il Fotografo”